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Healthcare AV Solutions

AV Integrated Interactive Simulation Room

The Simulation Centre is real-world like environment for teaching and experiment. With the aid of digital video recording for operating room training, it helps learners of every level integrate the full clinical learning experience. The video recording allows a more detailed clinical skills assessment. It allows the instructors to highlight any part of a clinical simulation during the debriefing and permits institutions to build a digital video library of clinical simulations for future viewing.

Operating Room Recording and Streaming

Session recording and live streaming in the operating room (OR) has many potential applications for research, quality improvement, and education. Our operating room solution offer a powerful way to document what happens in the OT Room.

With our solution, we can integrate live discussion, real-time consultation or question and answering sessions between Doctors and students sitting at a conference room, classroom or auditorium and Operation Theatres that are located in the same campus or even different locations.

Hospital Emergency Codes Integration

We do integration of hospital emergency codes as a solution within the hospital premises, group of hospitals and even for the key people those are away.

Patient Monitoring System

Our customised solution for the Patient Monitoring System allows the medical team to monitor the patient remotely. The patient can interact with medical staff or Network Operation & Control Room remotely while the on isolation. IP-based capture devices can capture bedside monitor data and a live stream for in a remote location. The system will alert the supervisor for the urgent care to the patient if there is an alarming surge in vitals or based on the gesture from the patient.

Medical Counselling Room

It is very important to have an AV Integrated Medical Counselling Room for a professional healthcare institute. Our experts will help to design and implement the AV solution for the medical counselling room.

Digital Signage

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Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

Surgical Displays deliver High Definition and 4K visualization within the surgical field. These surgical monitors can be easily mounted to surgical light arms or to the EMS Column for easy positioning and best viewing to support intricate, visually intensive procedures.

Large format surgical displays include HD and 4K image can be mounted on the walls of the OR to support team-wide visibility of surgical video.

Customised Solutions

We provide customized solutions for healthcare sector relating to AV integration, Communication, connectivity and surveillance based on the customer needs.