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AV Integration

Silver Track creates innovative workspaces with industry-leading AV solutions. We provide one-stop solutions towards design, supply and integration of a wide range of audio visual equipment to create stunning results.

Our supportive and certified team of presales, designers, programmers and integrators will partner with you to fulfil your project with world class solutions irrespective of the barricades of timelines and budget in the following.

Silver Track offers a variety of AV integration solutions:

  • Boardroom AV Solutions
  • Conference room AV solutions
  • Training space AV Solutions
  • Audio visual solutions for auditoriums & event spaces
  • Digital Cafeteria AV solutions
  • Command Centre or NOC room AV integration solutions.

Boardroom AV Solutions

Silver track helps you to design corporate boardroom as a critical decision center with technologically upgraded, reliable and easy-to-use audio-visual integration solution, which will provide an equal meeting experience for all those who seated in the room as well as those attending remotely via audio or video conferencing.

Our touch-less, voice commanded or one touch presentation system provides entire control of board meetings, whether for users collaborating in the same room or with members who are away but need to be there in the same meeting as we promise ‘ keeping you connected’. We offer you the value added essential features such as recording the board meeting, e-agm, live streaming etc.

Conference Room AV Integration

Silver track designs conference rooms with both onsite and remote workers in mind, outfitted with superior audio visual and video conferencing solutions, digital connectivity, BYOD and high-quality content sharing. Our AV integration technology creates powerful integration that works seamlessly. Read More

Training Space AV Integration

Silver track designs professional and flexible training spaces that are very crucial for corporate organizations in today’s environment. Our state of the art technology solutions for the Divisible training room that have the ability to hold on-site training, with the flexibility to have multiple training sessions at once or one large training session that can be sectioned with sliding or folding the partitions of the meeting space as per the convenience. Control of sessions is also simple and intuitive with touch panels available in the rooms.

Interactivity and audio visual integration are the key points in the design of corporate training rooms. From presentations to conferencing, training rooms must accommodate specific company needs and requirements. Our comprehensive and reliable AV solution helps training sessions run professionally and smoothly.

For corporates and organizations that have an active training and professional development plan in place, training rooms become a hive for employee training, onboarding or even town hall style meetings.

Audio Visual Solutions For Auditoriums & Event Space

Silver track designs highly reliable and professional solutions for auditoriums and event spaces for corporates, educational and enterprises segments. Our solutions provide stunning and uniform experience of hearing and view for all the users, whether the presenter, delegates or audience or even for the far end participants.

Our solutions include attractive screens (Displays/ LED video wall/ Video wall), repeater screens or delay screens, powerful and dulcet sound reinforcement system, confidence monitor etc., and cater any applications such as townhall applications, live streaming, large video conferencing events or making the event space as an extension for your training room or conference room.

Digital Cafeteria AV Integration

In today’s corporate culture, Digital Cafeteria or Corporate Cafe has a lot of importance. It is also a space for entertainment, presentation, information and collaboration.

Silver track provides flexible solutions based on the customer needs and requirements. Our tailor-made solutions cater the customer requirements in Digital cafeteria such as attractive screens- Large Format Displays, LED video wall or Video wall, repeater screens or delay screens- powerful and dulcet sound reinforcement system, confidence monitor etc. Our state of the art audio visual integration solutions integrate all these equipment and transform in a single touch to convert the digital cafeteria into a townhall application, live streaming, large video conferencing event or making a corporate café as an extension for your training room or conference room.

Command Centre or Network Operating Centre (NOC) AV Integration Solutions

Silver Track provides Command Centre or Network Operating Centre solution which is ideal to monitor and provide alerts, visualise operations, prospective analytics, monitor data centre or systems throughout the business from a centralised hub, security and other mission critical facilities.

Our solutions include LED video wall, Large Format Displays, touch screen displays, KVM switching & multiple video switching, sound reinforcement system etc.

Types of command and control rooms and their responsibilities

  • Data center
  • computer system
  • incident response
  • Network equipment and activity
  • Military operations
  • Police and intelligence
  • Security agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Traffic management
  • CCTV
  • Air traffic control
  • Oil and gas
  • Control rooms
  • Broadcast
  • Simulation and training
  • Simulation and training
  • Monitoring, posting and responding on social media sites

Experience Centre AV Integration

Silver Track’s specialists will help our customers to showcase their ideas, solution and products to the customers or Visitors.