Our Product

AV Accessories

Cables Connectors

HDMI Pro Series cables are designed for applications that require high performance transmission of HDMI digital video and audio signals. These are fully backwards compatible with all prior versions of HDMI as well as DVI compliant devices, and pass all embedded components, such as digital audio and CEC – Consumer Electronics Control information. HDMI Pro cables are available in lengths from 12 feet to 200 feet (3.6 meters to 60 meters).

Amplifiers, Microphones & Speakers

Audia Digital Audio Platform seamlessly integrates powerful hardware and intelligent software for unheard of design and networking potential.A single Audia unit can provide the power of an entire rack of processors at your fingertips. Imagine what you can do with multiple Audia units, configured and networked to conquer the most challenging environments.

Popup Box & Cable Cubby

Our range of table-top cable management system such as cable cubby/ pop up box that help you to manage your data, AV and power cables effectively and elegantly.

Projector Mounts & Motorized Lifts

Silvertrack system supplies projector mount and display mounts from leading manufactures. Whether it’s a universal mount or a custom mount for a unique piece of equipment we have the solution.Need help finding the right mount? Just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Projector Screens

Our wide range of projector screens offer versatility and reliability. We provide fixed wall mounted screens, motorised screens, and tripod screens with different aspect ratios that help you to meet your specific requirements.

Video Wall Brackets/ Display Brackets

Choosing the right bracket or stand is critical to the successful display of your video wall. Bracket choice is determined by the environment and situation in which you wish to implement your video wall and issues like accessibility need to be taken into account. Front access video wall mounting system makes access for servicing post installation effortless.

A professional bracket solution offering precision alignment and high end serviceability.

Trolleys & Carts for Professional Display/ Signage

Projector Trolley / Floor Stand with 3 castors (wheels), easily move around, tilt and perform height adjustments to position your projector exactly where you want. It’s just as easy to use as it is to roll your projector into the desired location.

Control Systems & Touch Panels

The Control Touch Panel visualizes the current switching status of the lighting system and provides interactive controls for all operating functions, messages and faults. Control System & Touch Panels is the first fully configurable touch panel control system with the power to handle the control needs of single and dual display rooms and full-scale video conferencing suites.

Podiums - Digital & Voice

Silver Track® Systems provides a range of digital multimedia podiums to meet the necessities of modern training rooms, auditoriums, class rooms, etc. We are offering to our valued customers a supreme quality range of Digital Podiums. Digital Podiums enables the user to write on an interactive white board with a built-in podium, the cutting-edge system allows the user to directly write on a multimedia teaching plan and save the images along with the voice, for the easy production of multimedia.