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Courtesy of the worldwide pandemic, businesses shifted to a full digital communication mode. While video conferencing has been in play for the past few decades, it gained popularity only after the pandemic. The need for a secure, reliable, and robust solution that can replace real-life interaction and allow businesses to work as they have, paved the way to zoom video conferencing. If you are looking for reliable video and audio conferencing with zoom, call India. Tata Tele Business Services’ partnership with zoom is one of the best solutions for you. With a deep understanding of a customer’s need in the enterprise and assembly segments, Tata Tele Business Services offer a highly unified communication solution for businesses.


New Age conference call services enable seamless connectivity and collaboration with business associates across geographies. Skip the hassles of scheduling ‘call-in’ using different numbers or manually logging the call time on a calendar. The audio, web and video features of the Conferencing Solutions help you access the best that the technology has to offer – in real-time. Access our feature-rich conferencing solution that provides a carrier-class service to the enterprises for a superior collaboration experience. Backed by 24/7 support, it is ideal for team meetings, customer presentations, training sessions, and other collaboration requirements of the businesses.

International Bridging Service

Stay connected with your teams spread globally with International Bridging Service (IBS) without having the ISD facility on their phones. IBS offers bridging facility to organisations so that they can connect to any international location or conference bridge. It provides a centralized bridge facility for all your conferencing needs in a cost effective and flexible manner.

Webcasting Services

If you need to communicate to hundreds or thousands of people worldwide, you need a large-scale communication tool with high scalability. Bridge the communication gap with a fully automated, DIY, cloud-based webcasting platform that allows you to use existing video conferencing units. Take your webcasts to a whole new level.