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Cyber Security

Email Security

Emails are a vital part of any organisation’s communication. But this simple mode of exchange also needs to be protected at all times, thanks to growing and complicated cyber threats looming at all times. Silver Track Email Security helps your company communicate safely with its highly reliable, scalable, and feature-rich offerings.

Endpoint Security

As businesses go digital, it is essential to ensure good cyber protection as the cyber threats are increasing every passing day. Multiple enterprises still neglect their cyber security. Endpoint security service is great as it provides various advantages to businesses. Endpoint security antivirus includes benefits like application controls, Data loss protection (DLP), and next-generation antivirus protection. Let’s discuss the unexpected benefits of Endpoint security, which is a great way to safeguard your business.

Multifactor Authentication

Today, remote working is the new normal. However, this flexibility makes potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities more common than ever before, especially due to the nature of an ever-changing threat environment. Thus, to safeguard your business, it is important to turn to fast and easy solutions like Multi-Factor Authentication that help create a second layer of user verification and reduce e-risks.

Virtual Firewall

In an increasingly complex digital space, where online threats are becoming more frequent, businesses of every size need the best in cloud security. Shield your virtual business environment against unknown threats and streamline security network deployment, while combining application awareness and deep-packet inspection. Get greater control over applications while simultaneously detecting and blocking malicious threats.

Web Security

Many corporate employees are now using cloud-based apps and accessing the internet off the corporate network. It’s true that the dynamic security landscape is increasing in complexity as well as severity. Businesses can no longer get the protection they need with firewalls alone. The need of the hour is to turn to real-time protection. And Tate Tele Web Security is your answer.