Silver Track® Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd specifies, implements and maintains audio visual solutions and ensures optimum integration in your ICT infrastructure. Our range of services also includes designing and installing complete presentation, information and communication rooms. Our objective is to give you the ability to communicate information to staff, visitors, customers etc via images and sound, both effectively and without fuss. This can be achieved with the support of advanced operating systems, information distribution systems or room management systems.

Nearly everybody in all organisation knows how important it is to share information with each other in a structured and efficient way. A brief discussion with direct colleagues, a team meeting about project progress, structured management meetings and important board meetings are just a few examples of meetings that play a crucially important role in structuring work activities, managing day-to-day business and determining long-term strategy.

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Team Silver Track® Systems Audiovisual & ICT solutions for retail organisations: With the Silver Track® Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd digital signage solution you can display any type of information on any image display unit, including LCD or LED screens, wherever and whenever you want. Advertisements, promotion of your organisation, products or services, news, weather information, etc. Smart and innovative LED lighting systems are environmentally-friendly, and can create a welcoming and pleasant ambience in your retail space. Top of the range videowalls that enable communication on an impressively large scale. Composed of multiple LCD screens, videowalls are often used as eye catchers in high traffic areas.

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The health care industry is constantly developing. New treatment methods are being devised, new medicines are being introduced to the market, new surgical techniques are being learned. There are numerous other innovations. One thing at least is clear: the health care industry is dynamic!

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The hospitality industry relies on our state-of-the-art AV equipment and solutions to assist, manage and promote your business. Our services and solutions include:

  • Live and recorded audio & video systems
  • Public address systems
  • Ball room audio and video systems
  • Meeting and conference room AV management
  • Touch screen and passive digital signage
  • CCTV surveillance systems
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Digital whiteboards, touch screens and other LCD screens, projectors, document cameras, voice boxes, operating systems, tablets, etc. All of these are examples of educational aids that in the past few years have been rapidly developed to promote the transfer of information in the classroom and to make it a more fun and enjoyable environment, for both the lecturer and the student. Team Silver Track® Systems Services Pvt. Ltd will take complete control of the installation and integration of these products into your classroom/lecture hall and will provide complete training to ensure confidence and ease of use

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Team silvertrack system pvt ltd are experts in the AV & ICT field within government institutions and municipalities. Daily contact with clients in this area means that they are well versed in the problems that could arise, so are on hand to provide the best possible solution for your situation. We at silvertrack system pvt ltd use our knowledge, skills and extensive experience to transform any room of any shape or size into an area fully equipped for fluid communication (both internal and external), discussion and decision making. More than anyone, we know how modern AV & ICT technology can contribute to transparent communication and improvement of your service. Our solutions are characterised by the fact that the entire audiovisual architecture is completely attuned to a flawless and interactive transfer of information. In addition to this, we have the knowledge and experience to integrate your audiovisual solutions into your ICT infrastructure and you can come to silvertrack system pvt ltd for servicing of your AV products after purchase.

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Having completed so many residential projects, we are familiar with the varying working environments requiring professional audio visual equipment and high end installation workmanship. We work around our client’s business hours to minimise interruptions in their working environment and ensure that their office or boardroom is left in a clean and tidy condition. After the installation is completed, a professional 'handover' is conducted ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our work and sufficient training has been offered to operate the AV system

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Team silvertrack system pvt ltd working in cooperation with designers our highly qualified and professional installers provide a consistent and high level of workmanship. Our highly qualified installation teams in each state are full time available at all times. The primary objective of the AV installations we design is to make the technology we install easy to use. We will provide on-site commissioning, staff training and comprehensive manuals to ensure that your AV installation is easy to use and trouble free. Our installers participate in regular product training and installation activities to ensure they stay up to date with the latest equipment and installation techniques.

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